Kama Sutra Honey Dust-Chocolate Caress 8oz

Kama Sutra Honey Dust-Chocolate Caress 8oz

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  • Smooth & rich like a sip of hot cocoa. Tickle and tease! Kissable, moisture-wicking body powder that leaves skin silky-soft and delicately scented. Includes a sexy feather applicator. Talc free. Delicious, kissable body dust. Lightweight formula wicks away moisture, leaving skin soft and smooth. Four irresistible flavors, each imparts a delicate fragrance on the skin. Use anywhere on the body. Use with your partner: Use the flirty feather applicator to dust Honey Dust® onto the body and follow with kisses. Use as part of your daily regimen: Dust onto the body before dressing to stay cool and dry all day long. Be sure to remove any excess dust if wearing light-colored clothing to avoid staining.

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