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Sportsheets Collar With Nipple Clamps

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Collar + Nipple Clamps = Kinky Fun!

Slip this leather-like PVC collar around your lover’s neck to show who’s boss before attaching the clamps securely to her nipples for hands-free bliss!  

•    Nipple clamps and chains connected to collar
•    Clamps have cushioned tips and screw that adjusts their tightness
•    Collar adjusts to fit a neck between 12.5 and 17 inches around
•    Metal chains measure 10.5 inches long from collar to clamps
•    Collar is made from vinyl with metal clamps and chains

The metal nipple clamps are attached via chains to a loop on the collar. The clamps are lined with vinyl for your comfort and health. You can use an adjustable screw to tweak the pressure of the clamps from a slight squeeze to a light pinch. The chains pull down on the clamps with every move for additional stimulation.

The collar adjusts easily, with a hook and buckle system that can be adjusted or removed quickly. The size varies between 12.5 inches and 17 inches around, which fits most people. It’s still a good idea, however, to measure your neck before ordering to make sure that the collar will fit. Each chain measures 10.5 inches long from the collar to the nipple clamp. The collar is made from PVC vinyl, while the chain and clamps are metal.