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Under the Bed Restraint System

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Restrain and immobilize your partner while you do wonderfully exciting and stimulating things to them (with consent, of course!) This is an incredibly versatile bedroom bondage kit ideal for beginners and experts alike! Simply thread the cuffs underneath your mattress, and pop each of the four cuffs out at each corner. The comfy, adjustable cuffs and straps easily slip underneath the bed so you can keep them discreet and pull them out as a surprise.

Strap Length: 63"
Connector Strap Length:
Cuff Size: Fits 4-12" wrists

  • Portable
  • Includes 4 adjustable bondage cuffs, 4 straps secured to one connector strap that fits securely under your mattress
  • Fits any size mattress, even a California king!
  • Cuffs can come around either the sides or ends of the bed
  • Polypropylene webbing, plastic hardware, nickel free metal hardware, Velboa fabric, Velcro
  • Machine wash cold, air dry